I just can’t WAIT until it is the time of year that I get to do these All American Mini Sessions. They are SO MUCH FUN!! They are my most favorite mini sessions of the year. The kids love them too!!

I mean really, what is not to love?

You get to jump around in the back of an old truck, while waving flags, drinking soda pop, and eating HUGE slices of watermelon!! IT IS AMAZING!! What a fun way to spend your morning. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who came out! You all always make it so much fun. YOU ROCK!

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WOW! Can you believe it is almost Summer Break!! YIPPY!! As a Homeschooling Mama I cannot tell you how excited I am for Summer Break!! 🙂

So to share in my excitement I made up these super cute FREE School Days Printables! The set comes with the ” First Day of ” and the ” Last Day of ” printable sheets. I have included all Elementary School Grades plus Preschool and Pre-K!

school memory sheet bundle 2

These are downloaded as 2 separate PDF files. One bundle for the First Day of School and another bundle for the Last Day of School. You can PIN these photos to make it easier on you to find again in the Fall when it’s time to print off the next sheet.

There is a sheet for the first day and last day of each elementary school year.
The grades included are:
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
last day of school free printablefirst day of school free printable

If you want to see some more grade levels please let me know!

I am happy to add onto this fun bundle.

Hope you  enjoy printing these out and capturing the different stages of your cute kiddos.







Did you know that Wedding Photography is how I started out? YEP! My very first paid photography gig was for my college roommate’s wedding! She flew me to Arizona to photograph the Wedding!! I was SUPER excited and also crazy TERRIFIED!! Since then I have photographed hundreds brides, families, and children. So photographing this wedding was a fun journey back to where it all began!

This bride and groom were so amazing. We had such a fun time together! I also had the privilege of having the amazing and talented Emily Magers by my side as my second shooter. Having both of your photographers named Emily made it easy on the bridal party to remember our names. 🙂

The California Country Club in the City of Industry was such a beautiful location for the photos and wedding reception. And that bouquet?! AMAZING. I really LOVE succulents mixed with flowers.

Thank you Dave and Ashley for inviting me to be a part of such a beautiful day!

strawn photography_0252strawn photography_0249strawn photography_0250strawn photography_0251strawn photography_0256strawn photography_0257strawn photography_0253strawn photography_0254strawn photography_0255strawn photography_0280strawn photography_0277strawn photography_0258strawn photography_0259strawn photography_0260strawn photography_0261strawn photography_0262strawn photography_0263strawn photography_0264strawn photography_0265strawn photography_0266strawn photography_0267strawn photography_0268strawn photography_0269strawn photography_0270strawn photography_0271strawn photography_0272strawn photography_0273strawn photography_0274strawn photography_0276strawn photography_0275Wed


Wanna give the BEST MOTHERS DAY GIFT EVER?! Nominate someone to win a FREE SESSION at the MOMMY MINI SESSIONS!!
This contest is for your single mamas friends. I know ALL you mamas works super hard, but lets encourage these single mamas just a little bit extra!!

These MAMA MINI SESSIONS are the perfect gift for any mama! Often as mothers we are BEHIND the camera instead of in front of the camera! So in order to encourage you all to get IN the photos with your children I decided to so some mini sessions for just mom and the kiddos. It will be a special time of playing, snuggles, and super cute pictures.

I wanted to honor a special mama with these sessions. That is why I am giving you the opportunity to nominate a fellow mom to receive a FREE SESSION. My only request is that she is a SINGLE MOM. I know you all work hard. Really you all deserve some great photos with your kids, but I wanted to take a moment and recognize those moms that have to do the work themselves. So send me over an email with you nomination for the FREE SESSION!!


HURRY!! This contest ends Friday, February 13, 2014 at 11:59pm.

To nominate a mama for a FREE SESSION please do the following:

1. email me at info{at}strawnphotography.com with WHO your amazing mama friend is and WHY you are nominating them for a free session!

2. Share this post on your page facebook page.
The winner will be announced on Friday, February 13th!!

The winner will be announced Saturday, February 14th!!

mama minis-IG


I always love getting to photograph friends. There is something extra rewarding about getting to give such a great gift to people that you love 🙂

I am happy to be able to finally share this with you all! I try to not share too early, just incase the family wants their Christmas Cards to be a surprise.

The Hixson Family is sweet, fun and just wonderful! I was so excited to get to photograph the love that they have for each other and for their sweet little girl! Since she was almost one we decided to incorporate a fun balloon into the photo shoot. I just LOVE the huge balloons. They are so fun and SO HUGE! I thought their sweet girl was going to get carried away. 🙂

I just love how these photos turned out!! It was a fun and laid back Family Session at the park.


strawn photography - family session - hixson_0210strawn photography - family session - hixson_0211strawn photography - family session - hixson_0212strawn photography - family session - hixson_0213strawn photography - family session - hixson_0214strawn photography - family session - hixson_0217strawn photography - family session - hixson_0216strawn photography - family session - hixson_0215strawn photography - family session - hixson_0218strawn photography - family session - hixson_0220strawn photography - family session - hixson_0219

  • Shani Hixson - January 29, 2015 - 10:00 pm

    Emily! I just love these pictures! We have never had anyone photograph us and didn’t know it could be so much fun!!! Thank you for capturing our family in such a beautiful way! xoxoReplyCancel

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