I always love getting to photograph friends. There is something extra rewarding about getting to give such a great gift to people that you love:)

I am happy to be able to finally share this with you all! I try to not share too early, just incase the family wants their Christmas Cards to be a surprise.

The Hixson Family is sweet, fun and just wonderful! I was so excited to get to photograph the love that they have for each other and for their sweet little girl! Since she was almost one we decided to incorporate a fun balloon into the photo shoot. I just LOVE the huge balloons. They are so fun and SO HUGE! I thought their sweet girl was going to get carried away.:)

I just love how these photos turned out!! It was a fun and laid back Family Session at the park.


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It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Christmas Tree Mini Sessions, and apparently so do all of you! I was so blessed to have so many wonderful families come out this year. It was a packed day, but it was so much fun to meet you all and play with your fun kiddos.

This year was SO MUCH WARMER!! The Christmas Tree Minis last year were FREEZING. I honestly thought it was going to start snowing…or at least hail.

But this year? It was bright and sunny and WARM. Good ‘ol Southern California winters:)

Despite our so winter weather we had a great time playing in the Christmas Trees and blowing pretend snow out of hands.

Thank you to everyone who came out!! What a fun way to end my year.

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Sacramento is BEAUTIFUL. The amount of Oak trees up there is just amazing. It is pretty easy for me to find a nice place to take pictures, but I never would of believed that I would find this beautiful location behind a Costco.

I’m serious folks….this is next to the parking lot. AMAZING!!

So, I knew this would be the perfect place for Mini Sessions.

It was so great getting to catch up with some old friends for High School, meet their sweet kiddos and taken fantastic photos! It really was such a blessed morning! These families are amazing and so dear to my heart.

I love you guys and it was so fun getting to see you all!! Let’s be sure to plan some more hang-out time next time I am up for a visit!:)strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0222strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0223strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0224strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0225strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0226strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0227strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0228strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0229strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0230strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0231strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0232strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0233strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0234strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0235strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0236strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0237strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0238strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0239strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0240strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0241strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0242strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0243strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0244strawn photography - family session - sacramento_0245



Fall is my busiest time of year. It’s that time of year when families realize they have no good pictures to use for their Christmas Cards!:)

So this year I had 3 different dates for my Fall Family Mini Sessions. It was so wonderful to meet so many great families!! These Mini Sessions are 20 minute sessions. They are the perfect amount of time for families with little kids ( or for those hubbies who don’t enjoy pictures).:)

This is the first afternoon session. I LOVE the light in the afternoon, but it is also usually during nap time. I always tell parents that if they have to choose, choose a happy and rested child over pretty light. No one will notice the pretty light when your child is crying in all the photo because you planned your session during nap time. :/

I offered a few morning sessions for those families that had children that needed an afternoon nap.:)

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